Al Muzzammil Mosque And Community Centre

Timing Change

Jumuah times have now changed. 1st (12:00 to 12:20), 2nd (12:30 to 12:50), 3rd (13:00 to 13:20). From this Friday onwards.

Masjid Re-opening

Please wear a Mask, Bring your own Musallah, No Wudu Facilities, Come with Wudu, Bag for Shoes, No Toilets, Please avoid coming if you have an underlying health issues, No Food, No sitting around in the Masjid, We will conduct a smaller Jumuah Session

Latest News

Here are some of our updated services


Bookshop service

  • Open 1pm - 8pm
  • @Downstairs entrance

Sunday talks between Asr - Isha

  • variable between (Asr-Isha)
  • @TheMasjid
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Apr/May 2020